Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited

  In 1999, Luzhou Chemicals Plant, which is the predecessor of Luzhou North Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd. built up the first MHPC production base in China with annual output of 1600MT. From then on, Chinese made cellulose ether products starled to compete with the ones from foreign famous multinational corporations in construction field around the world.
  In 2006, Hercules Tianpu Chemicals Co., Ltd. was regrouped with join of Hercules Corp. Who transferred its advanced production technology to joint venture. In 2007. 10,000MT line was established in Zhangjiagang site, Hercules Tianpu Chemicals Co.,Ltd. begun to produce HEMC and related modified products.

In July 2017, Ashland Corp. (In 2009, Ashland Corp. acquired Hercules Corp.) withdrew its shares form Hercules Tianpu Co., Ltd. and transferred fully its production know-how and patents to 10,000MT line, also include trademark ownership of Combizell to Tianpu Chemicals Co.,Ltd. At the same time, Luzhou North Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd. became the sole shareholder of Tianpu Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

The dye extracted from the indigo is bluer than the plant, so is the ice colder than the water---《Xunzi, Gakumon》
Depend on the diligent work and continuous innovations made by honest staffs of Tianpu, with technology originated in Europe and beyond Europe, Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited has become a global leading supplier of cellulose ether products.
Construction projects ---creating a comfortable environment for you
Today’s construction project is no longer a simple combination of bricks and mortars; it requires products have high quality, strong function, good performance and easy workability. For modern buildings, as far as quality concerned, it shall be environmentally friendly, green, efficient, and with excellent quality.
These quality requirements have greatly promoted the applications of cellulose products in construction projects and the flourishment of building materials.Tianpu customized cellulose ether products surely can support to realize the building high quality and value to create a comfortable environment for customers.
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